The issue of risk

In order to bring our clients the opportunities they need to attain their investment objectives, we must conduct a careful, detailed analysis of the assets, securities and situations which we will consider for inclusion in their portfolios.

We would be negligent in our duties if we didn’t temper our enthusiasm for the potential reward of the opportunities we identify with the caution the attendant risk of loss inherent in ALL investments demands.

Although our primary remit is to generate consistent return on investment for our clients, it is just as important – if not more so – to ensure that the capital we invest on their behalf is not exposed to unnecessary or excessive levels of investment risk.

Discovering potential

The scope of our research purview spans the globe. From markets in advanced Western economies to the trends shaping the emerging economies of Asia and Latin America, RJC Mitchell Consultants’ in-house research teams and our third party research partners are able to identify the potential for capital growth our clients depend upon.

Our remit covers equities (blue chip, large cap, mid and small cap), government and investment-grade corporate bonds of varying maturities, commodities including precious metals and pooled investments like mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, all of which have the potential to generate impressive returns on investment if careful research is undertaken prior to committing capital.

Just as important to our quest for return is the need for unimpeachable governance and strict regulatory frameworks to oversee the markets in which we are active. We insist that all securities be traded publicly on fully-regulated exchanges. We avoid initial public offerings (IPOs) unless we are specifically involved in underwriting them.

This is our edge

Our competitive edge is rooted in our primary research. We are relentless in our endeavors to gain an information edge vis a vis company-specific analysis and industry insight. We assess a company’s strengths, weaknesses, its competition and the market in which it’s active to develop a thesis that justifies investment. We augment this thesis by engaging in dialogue with company management while also looking closely at competitors.

Many investors erroneously focus on growth stocks of the past hoping for a continuation of previous performance and, while this is not an altogether fallacious strategy, often, while looking to relive former glories, they miss exciting new growth opportunities.

RJC Mitchell Consultants’ process steers clients toward the outperforming securities of today and tomorrow.