Decoding our rationale

We’ve established that by combining high-quality stocks with government and investment-grade corporate bonds of varying maturities, commodities, alternative investments and cash equivalents, RJC Mitchell Consultants is able to construct bespoke portfolios capable of achieving client goals while respecting risk tolerance.

That being said, what is it that makes the case for choosing an active style over a passive style or an absolute return approach over a relative return one?

Investing, not trading

We take an investing — rather than trading — approach to handling our clients' funds. This means that, generally, securities are purchased with the intention of receiving both income and capital appreciation over an extended holding period. This is not to say that we are simplistic “buy & hold” investors but we like to hold onto our winners because we always have clear targets in mind. That requires time so we are not proponents of short term, high risk strategies that throw caution and risk management to the wind.

We do not deploy a cent until the asset in question is thoroughly researched and risk-assessed. In the equity space, we like sectors that are the subject of entrepreneurial, private equity and venture capitalist interest. This typically means technology, life sciences and energy for capital appreciation and traditional blue chips, integrated energy and utilities for income.

Proactive preservation

At RJC Mitchell Consultants, our long-term view is based on a simple premise, one that has been playing out since the great financial crisis of 2008.

This is that the value of money is set to decline in ways that will send shockwaves through the global economy for generations to come and those investors who are able to keep an open mind with regard to the world’s emerging economies will reap handsome rewards in the future.

Currency debasement is inevitable as governments in developed countries seek ways to shore up economic growth in economies burdened by vast quantities of public sector debt that cannot be repaid without vastly inflating the money supply. RJC Mitchell Consultants has several established strategies that have successfully preserved our clients’ spending power over the years.