Clearly defined objectives

RJC Mitchell Consultants has developed the Strategic Investment Management Process (SIMP) to ensure that our clients’ portfolios are customized to their unique needs and with the achievement of their goals firmly in mind. This process enables us to achieve three important objectives:

  • The creation of a well-conceived roadmap for each portfolio based on our client’s true financial goals.
  • A regular review process that keeps the client’s portfolio on track even when their life circumstances and/or the markets have changed.
  • Ensuring that clients are kept apprised of progress in a clear and fully transparent manner.

As simple as SIMP

Using our dynamic and disciplined Strategic Investment Management Process (SIMP), we work closely with each of our clients through four distinct phases:

Plan design

We assess (or reassess) where the client is now and where the client wants to go and we define any actions that may be required to maximize the client’s probability of achieving those goals. This is called a gap analysis. Based on the gap analysis, we seek to develop a strategy that will facilitate the achievement of those goals as smoothly and with as little exposure to investment risk as possible.

Plan implementation

Once the client approves the strategy, we lay out – in detail – the assets RJC Mitchell Consultants will use to build the client’s portfolio. These can include equities, bonds, cash equivalents, commodities, alternative investments and mutual funds and the exact balance will depend largely on the client’s attitude to investment risk – namely how much risk of loss he or she is willing to expose capital to.

Quarterly reporting

Shortly after the end of each calendar quarter, RJC Mitchell Consultants provides each client with an easy-to-understand, detailed review of his or her portfolio. This report will allow the client to easily determine how the portfolio as a whole and each asset in isolation has performed. The report will also provide a summary of activity that has taken place for the quarter, the last 12 months and since the establishment of the account.

Portfolio optimization

The one thing we can always rely on is change. Because proper asset allocation is so important, each year, we conduct a review of every asset in each client’s portfolio to determine if its place within the portfolio is still justified in terms of its contribution to the overall success of the plan.

If market conditions have caused the actual allocation to shift from the target allocation by an amount greater than our predetermined levels, or if life changes have shifted the client’s priorities and tolerance for risk, RJC Mitchell Consultants will rebalance the portfolio. This review automatically occurs each year but it can also be conducted whenever circumstances warrant a reassessment such as following periods of excessive market volatility.