What is discretionary portfolio management?

Put simply, it is an arrangement by which clients delegate the day-to-day administration of their portfolios to professional managers who make the routine decisions on what to buy, sell and/or hold in the portfolio with a view to maximizing its profitability over the long term.

The arrangement is founded upon a form of power-of-attorney which grants RJC Mitchell Consultants a legal “discretionary mandate” which essentially authorizes us to make investment decisions on our client’s behalf without needing to trouble them for consent.

RJC Mitchell Consultants initiates every arrangement by developing a thorough understanding of a client’s goals, return expectations and tolerance for investment risk. Once we complete this important step, we determine the most optimal asset allocation and present it to you in the form of an investment policy statement. This essentially lays out the strategy we will use to ensure the portfolio achieves your objectives.

By your side – all the way

Once you’ve approved our proposal, we work closely with you to carefully determine the various individual securities that will be included in your portfolio, ensuring that each and every component fully respects the level of risk that you are willing to tolerate your capital being exposed to.

After the proper allocation framework is established, we work out a schedule for carrying out portfolio appraisals and reviews. These are quarterly opportunities for both you and your dedicated portfolio manager to talk through the portfolio’s performance and, if market conditions have changed, a chance to suggest the most appropriate fine-tuning to the overall strategy. These reviews will be ongoing throughout the duration of your relationship with RJC Mitchell Consultants and will serve as a reminder of our commitment to stand by your side.

RJC Mitchell Consultants believes that it is this comprehensive level of service, our easy-to-understand process and our holistic approach that makes our discretionary portfolio management service our most popular solution.