Exceeding client expectations

When we started RJC Mitchell Consultants from a clean slate, our goal was to design and establish a practice that allowed our professionals to spend as much time working with clients and their investment portfolios as possible.

By providing the best research, technology and investment tools, we felt we would be better able to help our professionals exceed client expectations both in terms of investment performance and service delivery. We are pleased to report that our methodology has been a resounding success.

Creativity and flexibility

While we operate in a disciplined framework, we also encourage creativity and flexibility within our investment team, a dynamic approach that has kept us on the cutting edge of investment innovation.

RJC Mitchell Consultants is particularly mindful of the many changes that civil society as a whole has undergone in just the last 20 years. People, vocations, education, family and markets bear little resemblance to their forebears and, consequently, we’ve had to become adept at adapting.

Vivid transparency

In markets that have become increasingly complex, investors should be forgiven for being concerned about what can often seem like a corresponding increase in opacity. Transparency is very important to us at RJC Mitchell Consultants.

We insist that client assets are held in nominee accounts while client funds are held in segregated accounts at a custodian bank or institution of choice. RJC Mitchell Consultants’ revenue is generated solely from investment management fees; thus our incentives are aligned with our clients’ and the potential for conflict of interest is significantly reduced.